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Wednesday 6 February 2019

February Challenge - With Love!

Good Morning!
Before I get onto the challenge I'd like to welcome 2 new Members to the DT! The first one some of you will remember as she has been on the DT before, CRAFTY NATALIE! It's great to have her back!

The second lady is LYN and I think you'll agree that her creations are super cute!

This month's challenge is With Love!
With Valentine's Day next week we want to see some loved up creations. Worry not though if you don't want to make a Valentines card then you can enter with creations simply using a Pink & Red theme instead!

This month's prize is from CRAFTY RIBBONS and the prize is a selection of these ribbons!

Please remember to follow the rules you can find at the TOP of our blog before entering as sadly I have to remove a few each week simply because they haven't been followed.
Good Luck!
Natalie & The Team xxx

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